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Hey, I'm Lou!

I started this little venture back in August 2020 when I was roughly 32/33 weeks pregnant with my second. 

I initially done this as a hobby for family & friends in my local area and eventually plucked up the courage after being made redundant to go for it.

I came up with the name after talking with a friend and saying it's all fun and games painting while heavily pregnant at a table, and the name just popped into my head , and it's stuck really. 

I've spent many a night scouring the internet, researching different suppliers, paint brands, rollers, paint brushes and sealants. 

I remember speaking to suppliers and conversing with customers while I was in labour, my partner and my midwife thought I was mad, but that's the dedication I've put in to this little business, which has now blossomed into my third baby.

You can find a variety of items available ranging from bookends to keepsakes, from door signs to wall decor. The main colour palette which gets requested is pastel but I do love a custom request for different colours.

I am a mum of 2 little ones (both under 4) and I work around them, which does mean I can be found painting at silly o'clock in the morning and working 6 nights a week. In the lead up to peak times (Christmas & Easter) I will be painting longer hours to ensure all items are dispatched in time. 

All of our items are for decorative purposes only.

Turn around times are 4-6 weeks depending on the item. 

Paint and Laughter is growing every month and I've finally taken the plunge after 18 months of Best Sellers on Etsy to set up my own site. So here goes!

Lou x

Let's start shopping....
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